Why Choose YenTac?
We Are One Stop Shop Marketplace For Small Businesses


We understand your small business need

Innovation is where we can help small business with the best and latest up to date technology


Different clients with different approach

We trained our staff to "think different" and always have a creative mindset to think outside the box and solve your small businesses problem.


Brand strategy top priority is to build integrity

Brand building process is to create the trust relationship between the business and the customer. Integrity is our number one priority to help small business customer with the most cost effective way.

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Why use YenTac to create mobile applications

To build mobile applications, you can hire a company to the develop private app for you or use our solutions to create mobile applications. So what are the advantages YenTac Mobile Application?

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No more waiting for development team to design and build up the application in months. By performing a few interaction with YenTac, you will have your own mobile application right away, that will allow to synchronize data from your existing Web application developed from any platform.

Effective Marketing Tool

Allow to send marketing information to your customer by using PUSH Notification feature of all the operating systems (free), or via SMS.

Mobile Store Application

The shopping cart feature allows your customer to make order directly on your mobile application. Synchronize your data with other e-Commerce services like Bizweb, Haravan.

Customer Service Tool

YenTac allows business to manage, categorize your customers. Records all the transaction history. Implement loyalty programs easily.

Customized user interface and features

Provide a store with a wide range of user interfaces and features that will suit various business types and styles. Besides, you can also perform customizaton to suit your own businesss need.

Statistics and Reports

Provide detailed statistical info and reports on application downloads, application usage per operating system.

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